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May 2024 Recap (and Happy Pride Month!)

Jun 1 • 2 min read

Neuigkeiten sind momentan noch nicht auf deiner Sprache verfügbar, weshalb sie auf Englisch angezeigt werden. Wir entschuldigen uns für die Umstände und werden uns bemühen, die Changelogs in der Zukunft auch auf deiner Sprache verfügbar zu machen.

Throughout the month of May, we have worked on our Server Gateway and Experience Core Service, and deployed our new building server.



Gateway Rework

The gateway - or proxy - is the service you connect to, when you join our Minecraft Server. It serves as a connector between the player and the individual game servers. It keeps track of and coordinates all players across the network and is responsible for moving them between the individual game servers, such as the one for the PaintSquad lobby, the matches, the hub, etc.

As part of our complete rework, the Gateway was one if the steps along the way and has received major progress for now and is in a state where we now use it internally for our building server.

Experience Core Service

Another very essential part is our Experience Core Service, which is new with our rework and replaced our old service that used to handle communication between services. This handles as a central service that coordinates and manages player data, inventories, statistics, etc. This handles a large part of the logic of PaintSquad and is now in a really good state which lets us move forward to some other steps and soon after that work on the actual PaintSquad gameplay itself again.

Building Server

As mentioned in previous articles, we've also worked on some building related tools on the side, such as Landscape, our new tool for managing maps and variants, or Warehouse and Forklift, our solutions for managing and placing custom props respectively. For the end of May, we've finally deployed this for our internal building server, which will now allow us to create more amazing things in the future. Additionally, this lets us test our Gateway and Experience Core in a more active environment.

Below, you can see a clip of our new systems in action:

Update to current the current Minecraft Version

Everything has now also been updated to Minecraft 1.20.6 internally. While the public network will stay on 1.20.1 for the time being, together with the re-release of PaintSquad we will once again try to stay up-to-date with Minecraft's versions as possible.

Pride Month

With all our hands on PaintSquad and the rework at the moment, we've unfortunately not been able to craft a full-on pride event. To at least give you something, we're making the Regular Pride and Trans Pride Balloons free throughout the entire month of June again, just like last year. Next year, we should have something bigger in store for you!

In any way, happy pride month to everyone! You're wonderful the way you are! 💚

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