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January 2024 Recap

Jan 31 • 3 min read

In January, we've been busy working on additional systems for the future of PaintSquad and Xenyria and are also moving closer to resuming full development on the codebase of PaintSquad itself.




In December's monthly recap we've announced the development of Spotlight, our in-house browser-based solution for building in-game interfaces and overlays. Since the development of this has reached a relatively stable point where only the user interface needs to be worked on, we've moved to the next project: Warehouse.

As we announced in the past, the comeback of PaintSquad will primarily involve Backend changes and optimizations to help future development and scaling, but there'll also be a little bit of new content. One thing we need for said content is Props, as you might have already seen in our Rush Christmas Event.

Back in the event, we manually coded in the position of each prop, which is far from ideal, which is where Warehouse comes in. Warehouse is a web interface for us to explore our internal catalog of props and 3D-Models and spawn them in on our building server through the click of a button. It'll also feature powerful searching and filtering features through tags and categories.


Besides Warehouse, we've also been working on Forklift, which goes hand-in-hand with Warehouse. Whilst Warehouse manages the searching, picking, and spawning of 3D Models, we still need a way to position these perfectly. We've considered plugin solutions, but those have a certain amount of latency and lack accuracy. Because of this reason, we've developed an internal, client-side modification for our team to use on our building server to perfectly position models. This is one of the things we can already showcase, but please keep in mind, this is an extremely early preview:

This will empower us to craft beautiful and detailed maps in the future.


We know, all of what we've mentioned is cool and all, but there's one thing you all care the most about, and that's PaintSquad. Most of our targets for reworks so far have been the various services and systems that power PaintSquad behind the scenes, and less PaintSquad itself. However, we're slowly moving closer to working on the actual in-game site of PaintSquad and reworking that.

There hasn't been exactly no work done on PaintSquad itself either though, as our artist YellowPurple has been busy composing a plethora of tracks for the PaintSquad Original Soundtrack (more on that in the future!) as well as working on several props for another thing we're working on that'll release alongside PaintSquad's comeback. Here's two of these props, do you have any idea what we could be working on? 👀


Trash Container

Besides this, our Builder Lukas has also been busy crafting something amazing for the update. So while the Update is focused primarily on reworking systems for the future, there will definitely also be a bit of new content for you to enjoy!

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