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Christmas is coming

Dec 7, 2023 • 3 min read

It's the festive season again, and Rush's Christmas Event is here!



December brings the festive season's start,
A time to gather, share the Christmas Heart.

Not just in real life, but on Xenyria too,
and for that, something amazing we brew.

As hinted in our post before,
you've got an amazing event to explore.

Winter has reached Rush

Winter has officially arrived in Rush, and you'll see our lobby covered in snow. The team has also been hardworking, decorating with candy canes and hanging up some Christmas lights.

Additionally, all of the Rush courses have snow on them, and all of the racetracks appear to be partially frozen ‒ don't worry, this is only cosmetic!

Santa was here

After speaking with Santa, they were able to offer us a special arrangement that allowed us to receive some gifts early! (Isn't that crazy?) There are a total of twenty-four gifts scattered throughout Rush. While some are easily found, others are well hidden. There are eight of these in the lobby, two in versus for each track, and two more for each track in time trials.

You might wonder now, what is in these presents. Nothing. At least not in the individual presents, but in "groups" of presents. You can equip a brand-new Christmas horn sound if you find and gather all eight of the presents hidden across the lobby. You will obtain a special boost trail if you gather all eight presents that are scattered around the tracks in time trial mode. Finally, if you find all eight presents in the versus mode, you'll unlock a new skin for your kart (as shown in the event illustration).

Note: Presents will only appear in private versus matches if AI is enabled or the room is full. (To put it simply: there must be eight karts present at the beginning of the race)

That's not all

Additionally, there are also three methods to become eligible to win free premium:

First, out of everyone who gathered every present when the event ended, we will pick one person to get three months and five people to win one month of premium. As there's not much to do with Premium at present, the winners will receive their rank when PaintSquad comes back.

Additionally, you can look for the hidden green candy cane in the lobby. Once you've located it, open a ticket on our Discord server and send us a screenshot. When PaintSquad returns, the first three people that found it will also earn a month of Premium each. 

Lastly, you can share your best screenshots of the Christmas event in the showcase channel on our Discord. After the event, our administration will select the top candidate to win a month of premium. (Once again, given out on the re-release of PaintSquad) The greatest one or ones might also appear in an upcoming post.

Additionally, please refrain from sharing the locations of the presents and the hidden green candy cane in order not to ruin the excitement. Let it  be enjoyable for everyone. There's plenty of time to locate them all. No rush! (*ba dum tss*)

Rush Screenshot Snowperson

As of the initial posting of this article, the event is currently underway and runs through January 7 at 6:00 PM CET. By typing /presents, you can also track your progress in finding presents.

Also, an enormous thanks goes out to plantskid for crafting the incredible artwork for this event! 💚

P.S.: This event puts Rush on v0.11.0 which is mainly just for adding the event, but also has some other minor but neat changes. Find the changelog here.

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