Branding Changes & Website Updates

Nov 18, 2023 • 1 min read

As you may have noticed, we've done some slight changes to the Xenyria Brand... and our website



The new branding

While we haven't entirely revamped the content of our website or changed our logo, we have made two key changes: we've changed the colors and the font. These changes are intended to establish a distinctive visual identity that is distinctly "Xenyria" and to represent what Xenyria stands for: playfulness, fun, and trying new things.

Rebrand 1

Light Theme

For our website, we have also included a light theme. Don't worry, though—the dark theme is still available. The website will simply adopt the theme that you have set in your browser.

Website Localization

Some sections of our website are now also accessible in German thanks to the most recent update. News, changelogs, devblogs, and legal documents are currently not included. We're in the process of making those available and adding new languages.

The full changelog for the website can be found here.

Rebrand 2

P.S.: At the start of December, we'll publish another article with PaintSquad development updates.

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