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April 2024 Recap

Apr 30 • 2 min read

Neuigkeiten sind momentan noch nicht auf deiner Sprache verfügbar, weshalb sie auf Englisch angezeigt werden. Wir entschuldigen uns für die Umstände und werden uns bemühen, die Changelogs in der Zukunft auch auf deiner Sprache verfügbar zu machen.

In April, we've made a lot of backend changes behind the scenes and made bigs steps in paving the way for the re-release of PaintSquad.



PaintSquad Player Survey

We conducted a survey earlier this month to collect Player Feedback for PaintSquad. We are grateful to those who took part; the volume of responses has been astounding. We will utilize the many insightful comments you gave us in the future. We'll discuss the survey results in more detail in a post that's coming up. Watch for this in the upcoming week or weeks.

Experience Core

We are migrating a large amount of logic handling matters such as player data, inventory, stats, and other related code away from the individual game servers into our so-called "Experience," a standalone service, in order to modernize, future-proof, and revamp our codebase and infrastructure. We've been working on that a lot in April, and we'll be working on it some more in early May. Even though there isn't much to see right now, this is a significant step toward the PaintSquad re-release.

As previously stated in the past, we are aware that this is taking longer than you would all like, but unfortunately, there is little we can do about it. We're still on track, and when PaintSquad is ready, we'll release it.

Updated Discord Server

As you may have already seen for yourself, we've restructured our Discord Server to make it easier to find the correct channels for whatever you're looking for and make it more accessible.

If you're not on the Discord yet, you can find it here.

What's next

In May, we'll work on several more backend and internal systems to pave the way to finally being able to work on the actual gameplay side of PaintSquad.

We additionally put together two posts for our Developer Blog in order to provide more information to those who are interested in the technical and development aspects of the rework. The first, which covers our new map building system and tools, will be released in the next week or two. There will be another article at some point following this one. (This is all on top of the survey retrospect post that was previously mentioned; that will also happen in May.)

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