§1 Be kind and respectful

1. Be respectful to every member of the server
2. Attacks on the personality, ethnic group or gender of another person will not be tolerated.
3. Bullying is strictly prohibited
4. Offensive, sexist, discriminatory or racist expressions will not be tolerated.
5. Political extremism is not supported on the server network
6. No offensive nick / usernames will be tolerated

7. Deliberately provoking other users will not be tolerated

§2 18 + Content

1. Any representation of nudity, pornography, illegal activities, NSFW content or violence is strictly prohibited (regardless of whether it is videos, photos, drawings or emotes)

§3 Spamming

1. Sending the same text, picture, vid
eo or link over and over again is strictly prohibited.

2. Repeated tagging of persons, groups or roles is prohibited.

§4 Personal Information

1. Be careful with whom you share personal data
2. Urging another person to reveal personal information is strictly prohibited.
3. Sharing other people's personal information is strictly prohibited

§5 Advertising

1. Advertising for your own projects, products or YouTube channels is prohibited.
2. If you are unsure, please contact a Moderator in advance.

§6 Bug-Using

1. Knowingly using and or abusing bugs, glitches or errors is prohibited.

2. Sharing guides that allows users to reproduce bugs, glitches or errors is prohibited.

Please report bugs, errors or glitches in the forums or on our Discord server.

If you're not following these rules we will take action accordingly, which may result in a ban from the discord aswell as the Minecraft server.

Evading a ban is also prohibited.

These rules cannot include everything, trying to exploit loopholes, or any other behavior determined to be in violation of the server’s ethos or violation of server rules will be met with action.

These rules may change anytime, it is the responsibility of the user to keep up!