Q: Where can i download the mod?

A: On Xenyria you don't need a mod for any gamemode. All our gamemodes can be played on Vanilla Minecraft by just joining our server with a Minecraft Java Edition Client (You will need a premium account / purchased copy of Minecraft Java Edition)

Q: Where can i download the resourcepack?

A: The resourcepack will automatically download as soon as you join the respective gamemode. Please make sure that the "Server Resource Packs" setting is set to Prompt or Enabled in your server list.

Q: Can i build my own map for the Xenyria Network

A: Yes please check out the "Maps" category in our forums.

Q: Is there a possibility to become a part of the Xenyria Staff?

A: At the moment only german speaking team members will be accepted due to language barriers inside the team.

Q: I can't connect to the server

A: This may have multiple reasons:

1. (Error message: Can't resolve hostname) Check the server IP for typos (play.xenyria.net)

2. (Error message: Not authenticated with minecraft.net) Please make sure you're trying to join with a premium account. You may have to log-out and log-in again.

3. (Error message: Can't connect to server) Please check into our Discord and Website to make sure that this is not an error. If you're sure it is please inform a moderator or administrator.

4. Check if the motd says "Maintenance". In this case the server is currently in maintenance mode and can't be accessed. Check into the website or the Discord server for further information.