[OBSOLETE] PaintSquad Documentation so you can gain a phd in paintsquad

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    Please do not cite or use info from this post, it's only being kept up for nostalgic purposes.

    just a lil guide/documentation (and some other stuff too) im making because most people may not fully know how some things in paintsquad work, so imma dump most of the things i know here. this gets a lot more technical than the guide in the server, but displays a lot of useful information. also join the discord.

    as paintsquad gets updated, ill update this post too. keep in mind, this post is never finished, as anything could get added, anytime. keep in mind, paintsquad is in beta, and will be for a while. you should expect to see some bugs here and there.

    if anythings too confusing, or you want to know more about something, i can tell you as much as i know on discord @Swag#6969.

    if you choose to add and talk to me, please do not ask: if i want to do a j4j, for collaborations, for release dates of content, how to become staff, or to forward something to someone.

    also dm me if you notice any potential errors or typos cause i know i aint perfect.

    Main Gamemode Info

    Turf War ("TW")


    In the simplest mode, Turf War, your objective is to paint more of the ground than the enemy team in 3 minutes. The only thing that counts towards the final score is the amount of ground covered in your team's paint by the end of the match. All new squids should start their fightin' in this mode.


    Your score is the amount of blocks you painted throughout the match.

    Match Outcome ->WinLose
    Experience1000 + scorescore
    Coins1000 + score * 1.5score * 1.5

    Rainmaker ("RM")


    Rainmaker can sometimes be confusing, but once you understand how it works, you're all set. Your primary goal is to carry the objective (which is in the form of a weapon), known as the "Rainmaker", to the enemy's side of the map. Somewhere near their spawn, there will be a podium (labelled goal). This is where you must carry the Rainmaker to. The closer you get to the goal, the more points you score, up to 100 if you make it on top of the podium. I recommend taking a peek at my post about Rainmaker Pathing and how to score as that will come in very useful.

    The Rainmaker

    The Rainmaker itself is a powerful weapon, however it is at first protected by a barrier, known as it's shield. You can explode the shield by damaging it in your team's colour using any weapon that can damage it. The shield itself can damage any player, though not by much, so it'll only really splat you if you're already low health. Once the shield is damaged enough, it will explode, splatting any player of the opposing team within its radius. Once the shield is down, any player is able to pick up the Rainmaker and start carrying it towards the goal. (Keep in mind, only one player can have the Rainmaker at a time). If the Rainmaker is left out of its barrier for longer than 30 seconds, it'll reset to the center of the stage, and its barrier will reform.

    Since the Rainmaker is a heavy weapon, your run and swim speed are reduced. You are also not able to use your sub or special weapons, or super jump anywhere, while holding the Rainmaker. The Rainmaker itself can be fired by charging up a shot by holding down your use item button (default is Right Click), and you can release the shot by letting go, once it's fully charged. The shot doesn't travel too far, but once it hits a surface (players not included), it will cause an explosion after a short time, insta-splatting any player of the opposing team in the blast radius.

    If the player holding the rainmaker gets splatted, it'll drop wherever they died, along with its barrier being reformed. Additionally, if the player holding the Rainmaker has been carrying it for longer than 60 seconds, they will explode, splatting them and any of their teammates nearby. You can see the time until the Rainmaker self-destructs in your actionbar (which is right above your health and hunger bar).


    If a team manages to reach the opposing team's podium, and stand on the middle of it, that team will be rewarded with a knockout win. Otherwise, if neither team won by knockout after the match time of 5 minutes passes, then whichever team brought the Rainmaker closer to their enemy's goal will win. This is considered a non-knockout win.


    If the team that's losing is in possession of the Rainmaker when the clock hits 0:00, then Overtime will start. Once Overtime starts, it won't end until:

    • The losing team takes the lead, in which they will win.
    • The losing team loses the Rainmaker.
    • 1 minute passes, and the losing team hasn't taken the lead


    You can get up to 100 points, based on how close you got to the enemy's podium.

    Match Outcome ->K.O. WinWinLose
    Experience300025 per point, max 247515 per point, max 1470
    Coins300025 per point, max 247515 per point, max 1470

    Splat Zones ("SZ")


    Splat Zones is like a King of the Hill mode, if you've heard of that before. Your objective is to paint 1 or 2 zones, which are marked by glowing shulkers (depending on settings) and particles, located in or near the center of the stage. After successfully painting them, your team is considered "in control" of the zones. Once in control, your goal is to stay in control, for as long as you can.

    Controlling the Zones

    In order for a zone to be considered "in control", you must paint at least 75% of the zone. Upon gaining control of all the zones on a stage, your team's timer will begin to tick down (at 1 point per 0.85 seconds, or 70.6pts per minute). The longer you're in control, the more points you score. If you lose control of a zone, your timer will stop, and you'll stop gaining points. In order to defuse control of an enemy's zone, ensure you have painted it enough so that they have less than 75% of the zone in their colour.

    If a team loses control, and the opposing team takes control, then the team that lost control is given a penalty. This penalty is equivalent to [time in control] * 0.75. The penalty's function is to serve as a punishment for losing control, and stops you from gaining points for a set amount of time after you regain control. After regaining control, your penalty timer will start to tick down before the main one, meaning you won't score any points until your penalty is 0.


    If a team manages to get their counter to 0, that team will be rewarded with a knockout win. Otherwise, if neither team won by knockout after the match time of 5 minutes passes, then whichever team had control for longer (without a penalty) will win. This is considered a non-knockout win.


    If the team that's losing is in control of every zone when the clock hits 0:00, then Overtime will start. Once Overtime starts, it won't end until:

    • The losing team takes the lead, in which they will win.
    • The winning team takes control of all zones
    • 2 minutes pass, and the losing team hasn't taken the lead


    You can get up to 100 points, based on how many seconds you were in control for, without a penalty.

    Match Outcome ->K.O. WinWin Lose
    Experience300025 per point, max 247515 per point, max 1470
    Coins300025 per point, max 247515 per point, max 1470

    Tower Control ("TC")


    Tower Control is one of the more straightfoward modes, since all you have to do is stand on the tower, and let it do its job. Your goal is to bring the tower to it's end point, which is located near the enemy base, by standing on it. Once you're on it, it'll automatically move on it's own towards the goal, like a simplistic version of Rainmaker.

    The Tower

    The Tower, is well, a tower, that starts in the middle of the stage. The path it takes towards its goal can be seen on the ground. The place where the path ends is the tower's knockout zone, and where you aim to get the tower to. You are able to paint, climb, and swim on the tower. Once you're on the tower, it'll follow its path towards the end, at a consistent pace. The closer to the goal you get with the tower, the more points you score, up to 100 of course. While you are on the tower, you cannot use your special, though you're still able to shoot, and recover ink in squid form, as you normally would.

    If a team loses the tower (by either dying or falling off), or a player from both teams stands on the tower, it'll start returning to the center of the stage after 5 seconds.


    If a team manages to get the tower to its end point in their enemy's base, then that team will be rewarded with a knockout win. Otherwise, if neither team won by knockout after the match time of 5 minutes passes, then whichever team got the tower the closest to its end point will win. This is considered a non-knockout win.


    If the team that's losing is on the tower when the clock hits 0:00, then Overtime will start. Once Overtime starts, it won't end until:

    • The losing team takes the lead, in which they will win.
    • The losing team loses the tower, and can't get it back within 5 seconds.
    • 2 minutes pass, and the losing team hasn't taken the lead.


    You can get up to 100 points, based on how close you got the tower to its end point.

    Match Outcome ->K.O. WinWinLose
    Experience300025 per point, max 247515 per point, max 1470
    Coins300025 per point, max 247515 per point, max 1470

    Deathmatch ("DM")


    Deathmatch is just as simple as Turf War. Instead of painting the ground however, your one and only goal is to splat your enemies. That's it. As simple as that. You get 5 minutes to rack up as many splats as you can.


    If a team manages to score 25 kills total, then that team will be rewarded with a knockout win. Otherwise, if neither team won by knockout after the match time of 5 minutes passes, then whichever team got the most kills will win. This is considered a non-knockout win.


    If the scores are tied when the clock hits 0:00, then Overtime will start. Once Overtime starts, it won't end until:

    • A team scores, in which that team will win.
    • 2 minutes pass, in which a random team will be declared the winner.


    On top of the base rewards, you also get an extra reward depending on how many killstreaks you get. The total rewards for killstreaks are then summed up at the end of the round and given to you.

    KillstreakExperience & Coins
    Every KS of 2+25
    Every KS of 3+60
    Every KS of 4+100
    Every kill above 4+25 / kill

    Conditions ->Base ScoreWinPer KillPer Assist
    Experiencescore * 0.5+1000+50+25
    Coinsscore * 0.5+100+50+25

    *The 100 coins as the win bonus is NOT a typo.

    Eightball ("EB")


    Eightball is very similar to Rainmaker in terms of objective, however, instead of carrying an object, you're supposed to push it. Your goal is to guide the Eightball to the goal, near the enemy's base, in order to win. On your journey though, there are a few barriers to stop your progress, requiring you to destroy them before you can progress further.

    Eightball & Barriers

    Pushing the Eightball is as easy as just shooting it (you're able to use sub and special weapons too). Once shot enough, it'll take the colour of your team, and proceed to leave an ink trail in your team's colour. The closer you push the Eightball to the goal, the more points you score. Keep in mind, you can only score points if the ball is in your team's colour. With enough speed, the ball is actually able to splat players in it's own, rewarding the player who gave it that force one kill for their count.

    Throughout the stage, there are a few, normally 2-3 barriers that the Eightball cannot pass. In order to disable these barriers, you must shoot at it's orb, which is located in front of it, to deal enough damage and break the barrier. If the enemy damages your barrier, you're able to heal it in the same way as if you were damaging the enemy's barriers, though it heals only half the damage you deal.

    First Orb3000 health
    Second Orb4000 health
    Third Orb5000 health


    If a team manages to get the Eightball to its goal, then that team will be rewarded with a knockout win. Otherwise, if neither team won by knockout after the match time of 7 minutes passes, then whichever team got the Eightball the closest to their enemy's goal will win. This is considered a non-knockout win.


    If the Eightball is in the colour of the team that's losing when the clock hits 0:00, then Overtime will start. Once Overtime starts, it won't end until:

    • The losing team takes the lead, in which they will win.
    • The Eightball takes the colour of the winning team, and stays that way for 10 seconds.
    • 2 minutes pass, and the losing team hasn't taken the lead.


    You can get up to 100 points, based on how close you got the Eightball to the goal.

    Match Outcome ->K.O. WinWinLoss
    Experience300025 per point, max 247515 per point, max 1470
    Coins300025 per point, max 247515 per point, max 1470

    Conquest ("CQ")


    Conquest was proposed as a gamemode by me in early April, you can find that post here. It mostly follows what was suggested, however, there were some modifications to it.


    Conquest is like a mix 'n' match of Deathmatch and Splat Zones. It's probably the most hard to understand mode in PaintSquad, but one of the easiest to get used to, and strategize on, once you know what you're doing. Your goal is to splat enemies, while also having control of various checkpoints around the map. Unlike Splat Zones however, you can capture checkpoints just by being near them. The more checkpoints you have, the faster you can score.

    Checkpoints & Scoring

    All around the stage, there are a set number of checkpoints that can be captured by you or the enemy. In order to score points, you must splat the enemies, or capture checkpoints. The amount of points you get for each kill is 1 * [amount of checkpoints captured]. You can see how many checkpoints you have captured at the top of your screen, next to your point count. Each checkpoint you capture for the first time, or from an enemy, gives 1 point.

    At the start of the round, both teams start with one checkpoint captured. The rest are neutral, and are able to be captured by any team. To capture a checkpoint, all you have to do is be near it, and it'll slowly get captured. If the checkpoint is neutral, you must first get through the neutral stage, then it'll become captured by your team. As long as it's in your team's colour, you've captured it, however, you won't get a point unless it's 100% captured. If you leave the area, and you're not done capturing the checkpoint, while it's neutral, it'll slowly go back up to 100% neutral. When capturing from the enemy team, you must first reset it to neutral before you can capture it.

    If there are multiple team members near a checkpoint, it'll capture faster than if there were less. You can see the time it takes to capture checkpoints here:

    Players Near Checkpoint ->1 Player2 Players3 Players4 Players
    Time to capture 100%
    Capture Speed
    4.545 seconds
    22% / second
    3.846 seconds
    26% / second
    3.333 seconds
    30% / second
    2.941 seconds
    34% / second


    If a team manages to score 100 points, then that team will be rewarded with a knockout win. Otherwise, if neither team won by knockout after the match time of 7 minutes passes, then whichever team scored the most points will win. This is considered a non-knockout win.


    If the losing team has the same amount, or more checkpoints captured than the winning team when the clock hits 0:00, then Overtime will start. Once Overtime starts, it won't end until:

    • The losing team takes the lead, in which they will win.
    • The winning team has more checkpoints captured than the losing team for longer than 15 seconds.
    • The winning team reaches 100 points, in which they will get a knockout.
    • 3 minutes pass, and the losing team hasn't taken the lead.

    Additionally, overtime will also start if the scores are tied, and won't end until:

    • A team fully captures a checkpoint, awarding them a point, and a win.
    • A team, with at least one flag captured, gets a kill.


    You can get up to 100 points, based on how many points you scored with your captured checkpoints.

    Match Outcome ->K.O. WinWinLose
    Experience500025 per point, max 247515 per point, max 1470
    Coins500025 per point, max 247515 per point, max 1470

    Clam Blitz ("CB")

    This mode is not yet released. Come back later!

    Other Info

    Maps & Compatible Modes

    This section is to just show which maps each mode supports (as of right now, at least). If you're unsure about what each mode acronym means, they're listed above next to the full mode name. Every map by default supports Turf War and Deathmatch.

    Urchin UnderpassReplica
    Saltspray RigReplica
    Camp TriggerfishReplica
    Moray TowersReplica
    Dark LaboratoryOriginal
    Port MackerelReplica
    Dragon TempleOriginal
    The ReefReplica

    *PaintFest Exclusive

    *Temporarily Removed

    Bot Difficulties

    The bot difficulty calculation works a bit more complicated than I thought it did, but I should be able to sum up everything here. The difficulties of bots determine how much damage they do, their hit accuracy, and aggression. In Public Matches (and PaintFest Matches), the bot difficulties are automatically determined based on the human players' levels. In Private Matches, the difficulties can be customized to one's heart (or you could just not have any bots at all, of course).

    Difficulty Effects

    Bot DifficultyDamageShot SpreadAggressionTime/Jump
    Easy0.5x3x50%2.5 seconds
    Normal0.7x2x90%2 seconds
    Hard 1x1.5x130%1.5 seconds
    Elite1.2x1.25x150%1 second
    Unfair1.4x1x200%0.35 seconds

    *Time per Jump applies when bots are in combat. After the displayed amount of time passes, when attacking, the bot will jump.

    Calculating Difficulty

    Bot difficulties are calculated purely based on the sum of each human players' level. Basically speaking, the higher level your team is, the lower difficulty your team is, and the higher the other one is. First off, PaintSquad gets the lowest possible difficulty using the sum of each players level. The lowest possible difficulty is then applied to the team with a lower level total.

    Sum of All Player LevelsLowest Possible Difficulty
    0 - 25Easy
    26 - 45Normal
    46 - 59Hard

    After that, for every 25 levels more the higher leveled team has then the opposite team, the lower leveled team will be one difficulty higher. Here are some examples: *B = BOT

    Team A LevelsA DifficultyDifferenceB DifficultyTeam B Levels
    1 - B - B - B
    (1 total)
    Easy1 levelEasyB - B - B - B
    (0 total)
    20 - B - B - B
    (20 total)
    Easy19 levelsEasy1 - B - B - B
    (1 total)
    30 - 10 - B - B
    (40 total)
    Hard31 levelsElite6 - 3 - B - B
    (9 total)
    20 - 1 - B - B
    (21 total)
    Normal0 levelsNormal20 - 1 - B - B
    (21 total)
    20 - 15 - 15 - B
    (50 total)
    Elite31 levelsUnfair10 - 3 - 1 - B
    (14 total)
    50 - B - B - B
    (50 total)
    Hard50 levelsUnfairB - B - B - B
    (0 total)
    50 - B - B - B
    (50 total)
    Elite0 levelsElite25 - 25 - B - B
    (50 total)

    Gear Perks

    List of each perk and their effects. Not all perks are stackable, in which some cells will be empty.

    PerkDescriptionMain SlotSub SlotMax Effect
    Ink Saver MainReduces ink consumption
    for your main weapon.
    Ink Saver SubReduces ink consumption
    for your sub weapon.
    Ink Recovery UpSpeeds up ink recovery in
    both squid and human form.
    Ink Resistance UpIncreases mobility in and
    reduces damage from standing
    in enemy ink.
    Special Charge UpLowers the amount of points
    needed for your special weapon.
    Special SaverReduces amount of special
    charge lost upon getting splatted.
    Quick RespawnReduces respawn time.1.25s0.35s6.9s
    Run Speed UpIncreases movement speed in
    human form.
    Swim Speed UpIncreases movement speed
    while swimming in ink.
    Quick Super JumpIncreases super jump speed.0.3s0.09s1.71s
    Bomb Defense UpReduces damage taken from bombs.3.0%1.25%20.7%
    BerserkerIncreases damage and reduces
    defense (by the same amount) in
    the last minute of a match.
    Ink ShieldIncreases defense and reduces
    damage (by the same amount) in
    the last minute of a match.
    Armored Super JumpGain ink armor at the end of a
    super jump, while reducing
    super jump speed.
    TenacitySlowly increases special while
    having less players alive than
    the enemy team.
    1 less - 4p/s
    2 less - 5.5p/s
    3 less - 7p/s
    4+ less - 9p/s
    Ink TrackerHighlights the player that splats
    you for a short time.
    Ninja SquidLeaves no trail when swimming,
    but reduces swim speed.
    Stealth JumpHides super jump landing point to
    all players, but reduces super jump speed.
    PerkDescriptionPer Main SlotPer Sub SlotMax Possible


    This is a list of every weapon in the game, as of making this edit, sorted by weapon category.

    Weapons in a light blue color cannot be purchased in the weapon shop and must be obtained some other way.


    WeaponPriceLevelDamageMobilityFire RateRange
    Splattershot Jr.
    Burst Bomb / Ink Armor
    82%12.5 shots/sec8.85 blocks
    Tentatek Splattershot
    Splat Bomb / Inkjet
    60%8.33 shots/sec12.26 blocks
    Splat Dualies
    Burst Bomb / Tenta Missiles
    70%10 shots/sec12.26 blocks
    Dualie Squelchers
    Point Sensor / Tenta Missiles
    64%8 shots/sec15.16 blocks
    Custom Dualie Squelchers
    Splat Bomb / Ink Storm
    64%8 shots/sec15.16 blocks
    Heroshot Replica Classic
    Splat Bomb / Splashdown
    60%8.33 shots/sec12.26 blocks
    Heroshot Replica V2
    Burst Bomb / Splashdown
    60%8.33 shots/sec12.26 blocks
    Octo Shot Replica
    Splat Bomb / Inkjet
    60%8.33 shots/sec12.26 blocks
    Splattershot Pro
    Point Sensor / Ink Storm
    55%5 shots/sec16.24 blocks
    Aerospray MG
    Suction Bomb / Curling Bomb Launcher
    70%18.87 shots/sec8.94 blocks
    Aerospray RG
    Sprinkler / Baller
    70%18.87 shots/sec8.94 blocks
    Berry Splattershot Pro
    Suction Bomb / Suction Bomb Launcher
    55%5 shots/sec16.24 blocks
    Candy Splattershot
    Splat Bomb / Inkjet
    60%8.33 shots/sec12.26 blocks
    Forge Splattershot Pro
    Suction Bomb / Bubble Blower
    55%5 shots/sec16.24 blocks
    Kensa Splattershot
    Suction Bomb / Tenta Missiles
    60%8.33 shots/sec12.26 blocks
    Dapple Dualies
    Squid Beakon / Suction Bomb Launcher
    70%10 shots/sec9.26 blocks
    Kensa Splattershot Pro
    Splat Bomb / Booyah Bomb
    55%5 shots/sec16.24 blocks
    Splattershot Classic
    Splat Bomb / Inkzooka
    60%8.33 shots/sec12.26 blocks
    Toxic Mist / Inkjet
    70%12.5 shots/sec9.26 blocks
    Splash-o-matic Neo
    Burst Bomb / Suction Bomb Launcher
    70%12.5 shots/sec9.26 blocks
    Splash-o-matic X
    Curling Bomb / Inkzooka
    70%12.5 shots/sec9.26 blocks
    Curling Bomb / Splashdown
    70%15.62 shots/sec7.34 blocks
    Sploosh-o-matic Neo
    Squid Beakon / Tenta Missiles
    70%15.62 shots/sec7.34 blocks
    Sploosh-o-matic X
    Suction Bomb / Bubble Blower
    70%15.62 shots/sec7.34 blocks
    Jet Squelcher
    Toxic Mist / Tenta Missiles
    60%4.55 shots/sec17.53 blocks
    Dual Squelcher Classic
    Splat Bomb / Echolocator
    60%6.9 shots/sec17.1 blocks
    Suction Bomb / Ink Armor
    80%11.11 shots/sec12.26 blocks
    Xen-Zap 23/16
    Autobomb / Tenta Missiles
    80%11.11 shots/sec12.26 blocks
    .52 Gal
    Point Sensor / Baller
    60%4.35 shots/sec12.8 blocks
    .96 Gal
    Sprinkler / Ink Armor
    60%3.33 shots/sec15.59 blocks
    Aerospray PG
    Burst Bomb / Booyah Bomb
    70%18.87 shots/sec8.94 blocks
    WeaponPriceLevelDamageMobilityFire RateRange


    WeaponPriceLevelDamageCharge TimeRange
    Splat Charger
    Splat Bomb / Sting Ray
    500031801 second17.5 blocks
    Classic Squiffer
    Point Sensor / Ink Armor
    10000121800.7 seconds13.5 blocks
    Fresh Squiffer
    Suction Bomb / Inkjet
    15000151800.7 seconds13.5 blocks
    Xen Squiffer
    Curling Bomb / Booyah Bomb
    25000201800.7 seconds13.5 blocks
    E-liter 4K
    Autobomb / Ink Storm
    20000172201.7 seconds30 blocks
    E-liter Octo
    Curling Bomb / Booyah Bomb
    50000212201.7 seconds30 blocks
    Sting Charger
    Curling Bomb / Inkjet
    15000131801 second17.5 blocks
    Hero Charger Replica
    Splat Bomb / Inkzooka
    None501801 second17.5 blocks
    Goo Tuber
    Suction Bomb / Splashdown
    32000201801.3 seconds17.5 blocks
    Custom Goo Tuber
    Curling Bomb / Inkjet
    60000291801.3 seconds17.5 blocks
    WeaponPriceLevelDamageCharge TimeRange


    WeaponPriceLevelDamageRadiusFire RateRange
    Toxic Mist / Splashdown
    100006110%3.751.39 shots/second
    0.71 seconds/shot
    5.5 blocks
    Ice Blaster
    Suction Bomb / Bubble Blower
    2000012110%3.751.39 shots/second
    0.71 seconds/shot
    5.5 blocks
    Custom Blaster
    Autobomb / Inkjet
    3000017110%3.751.39 shots/second
    0.71 seconds/shot
    5.5 blocks
    Luna Blaster
    Splat Bomb / Baller
    3000020130%4.21.54 shots/second
    0.65 seconds/shot
    4.35 blocks
    Kensa Blaster
    Suction Bomb / Booyah Bomb
    2500017110%3.751.39 shots/second
    0.71 seconds/shot
    5.5 blocks
    Rapid Blaster
    Ink Mine / Splat-Bomb Launcher
    178001565%2.751.6 shots/second
    0.63 seconds/shot
    8 blocks
    Rapid Blaster Pro
    Toxic Mist / Ink Storm
    249001965%2.751.25 shots/second
    0.8 seconds/shot
    9.5 blocks
    Chroma Blaster
    Ink Mine / Ink Armor
    46% max
    3.252.7 shots/second
    0.37 seconds/shot
    5.5 blocks
    WeaponPriceLevelDamageRadiusFire RateRange


    Splat Roller
    Curling Bomb / Splashdown
    50004120102.5%10.87 blocks
    Krak-On Splat Roller
    Squid Beakon / Baller
    1500010120102.5%10.87 blocks
    Carbon Roller
    Autobomb / Ink Storm
    17000975108.5%10.87 blocks
    Carbon Roller Deco
    Burst Bomb / Autobomb Launcher
    340001475108.5%10.87 blocks
    Hero Roller Replica
    Curling Bomb / Splashdown
    None40120102.5%10.87 blocks


    Splat Bomb / Splashdown
    125%9.58 blocks
    Autobomb / Inkjet
    110%9.8 blocks


    WeaponPriceLevelDamageCharge TimeRange
    Heavy Splatling
    Sprinkler / Sting Ray
    2.15 seconds16.51 blocks
    Heavy Splatling Remix
    Point Sensor / Booyah Bomb
    2.15 seconds16.51 blocks
    Mini Splatling
    Burst Bomb / Tenta Missiles
    0.9 seconds13.01 blocks
    Zink Mini Splatling
    Curling Bomb / Ink Storm
    0.9 seconds13.01 blocks
    WeaponPriceLevelDamageCharge TimeRange


    Suction Bomb / Tenta Missiles
    72.5%9.8 blocks
    Burst Bomb / Ink Armor
    72.5%8.19 blocks
    Tri-Slosher Nouveau
    Splat Bomb / Ink Storm
    72.5%8.19 blocks
    Slosher Deco
    Sprinkler / Baller
    72.5%9.8 blocks
    Pumpkin Slosher
    Suction Bomb / Inkzooka
    72.5%9.8 blocks


    Inkbow α
    Suction Bomb / Inkjet
    10000745% per arrow
    135% max
    90%14.63 blocks
    Inkbow β
    Burst Bomb / Bubble Blower
    15000945% per arrow
    135% max
    90%14.63 blocks
    Harp Bow α
    Curling Bomb / Tenta Missiles
    365001930% per arrow
    180% max
    80%15.7 blocks
    Harp Bow β
    Ink Mine / Ink Storm
    480002630% per arrow
    180% max
    80%15.7 blocks
    Magma Bow
    Sprinkler / Ink Armor
    675002870% direct
    40% explosion
    72%13.55 blocks

    Sub Weapons

    Splat Bomb

    Detonates after a few seconds while on the ground.

    • Cooldown: 0.6 seconds
    • Radius: 4.5 blocks
    • Damage: 160
    • Ink Consumption: 65%

    Burst Bomb

    Explodes on contact with any player or surface.

    • Cooldown: 0.25 seconds
    • Radius: 4 blocks
    • Damage: 30
    • Ink Consumption: 35%

    Curling Bomb

    Slides on the ground leaving an ink trail, and detonates after a while.

    • Cooldown: 0.6 seconds
    • Radius: 4.5 blocks
    • Damage: 180
    • Ink Consumption: 65%
    • Duration: 4.5 seconds


    Follows any player within a radius, and explodes once it reaches them or takes too long doing so. Explodes sooner if no target is found.

    • Cooldown: 0.5 seconds
    • Radius: 4.25 blocks
    • Damage: 140
    • Ink Consumption: 55%


    Sprays ink within a certain radius until destroyed.

    • Cooldown: 0.6 seconds
    • Damage: 10 per bullet
    • Ink Consumption: 65%
    • Max per player: 2 sprinklers

    Squid Beakon

    Acts as a marker that anyone on your team can super jump to. Breaks once used.

    • Ink Consumption: 75%
    • Max per player: 2 squid beakons

    Ink Mine

    Detonates after an enemy walks over it, or it was painted in enemy ink. Explodes automatically after a while if neither condition is met.

    • Ink Consumption: 65%
    • Max per player: 3 ink mines

    Toxic Mist

    Deals no damage, but negatively affects enemies that walk through it.

    • Cooldown: 0.6 seconds
    • Radius: 2.5 blocks
    • Ink Consumption: 65%
    • Duration: 6 seconds

    Point Sensor

    Highlights enemies that are caught within its radius.

    • Cooldown: 0.6 seconds
    • Radius: 4 blocks
    • Ink Consumption: 45%
    • Tracking Time: 1.75 seconds

    Special Weapons

    Bomb Launchers

    Allows you to repeatedly throw sub weapons for a set time.

    • Duration: 6 seconds


    A hamster-ball-type weapon that protects you, and explodes after a while.

    • Duration: 12 seconds (-1 second per click)
    • Explosion Damage: 140
    • Roll Damage: 10

    Booyah Bomb

    A "super ball" that creates a slow, but huge explosion if charged up fully.

    • Duration: 10 seconds (+1 second activation time)
    • Armor: 400 HP
    • Max Radius: 10 blocks
    • Damage: 150 per second (regardless of charge level)

    Bubble Blower

    Blows bubbles that act like the rainmaker shield - shoot them to explode them, splatting any nearby enemies.

    • Duration: 7 seconds
    • Bubbles: 3
    • Initial HP: 150 (despawns at 0 / explodes at 420)
      Shoot to increase HP, enemy damage decreases it.
    • Explosion Radius: 5.5 blocks
    • Explosion Damage: 250
    • Damage On Contact: 20


    Highlights the enemy team once used.

    • Duration: 8 seconds

    Ink Storm

    Creates a heavy rain cloud when thrown, and causes ink droplets to fall for a short while.

    • Duration: 13 seconds
    • Speed: 0.25 blocks per tick
    • Damage: 25 per droplet
    • Radius: 4.5 blocks
    • Droplet Rate: 50 per second


    A jetpack that comes with a blaster-type weapon.

    • Duration: 9 seconds
    • Shot Cooldown: 1.2 seconds
    • Damage: 120
    • Radius: 2-4 blocks

    Ink Armor

    Gives your entire team armor for a short while. Can be broken by enemy damage.

    • Activation Time: 2 seconds
    • Armor: 180 HP


    A bazooka/grenade launcher hybrid that allows you to shoot a few powerful explosive projectiles.

    • Duration: 10 seconds
    • Shots: 3
    • Radius: 4.5 blocks
    • Damage: 120


    A weapon that brings you up into the air and smashes the ground, causing a huge explosion.

    • Max Duration: 10 seconds
    • Armor: 75 HP
    • Radius: 6.5 blocks
    • Damage: 140

    Sting Ray

    A heavy weapon that shoots a beam capable of cutting through walls. Causes many speed debuffs, but also highlights enemies you damage.

    • Duration: 7.15 seconds
    • Highlight Duration: 1 second upon activation and damage
    • Range: 64 blocks
    • Damage: 80 per second

    Tenta Missiles

    A cannon that launches missiles upon enemies you lock on to.

    • Duration: 5 seconds
    • Missile Count:
      1 target - 10
      2 targets - 10 (5 per target)
      3 targets - 12 (4 per target)
      4 targets - 16
      5 targets - 20
    • Explosion Radius: 2.3 blocks
    • Explosion Damage: 120


    This section is for showing information about levelling up in PaintSquad. You can see your level in game on the right side of your screen in the lobby, as well as the progression to the next level in %. You can also see your level in your exp bar at the bottom of your screen.

    You get experience by playing matches, and the amount is all listed in the Main Gamemode sections, under Rewards. Keep in mind you only get 35% experience from Private Battles.

    Main Levels

    LevelTitleExp To Next LevelTotal ExpLevel Rewards
    Level 1Recruit5,0000-5,000- Splattershot Jr.
    Level 2Recruit6,0005,000-11,000- 1 token
    Level 3Recruit7,00011,000-18,000- 1 token
    Level 4Recruit8,00018,000-26,000- 1 token
    Level 5Beginner9,00026,000-35,000- 1 token
    Level 6Beginner10,00035,000-45,000- 1 token
    Level 7Beginner11,00045,000-56,000- 1 token
    Level 8Beginner12,00056,000-68,000- 1 token
    Level 9Beginner13,00068,000-81,000- 1 token
    Level 10Beginner14,00081,000-95,000- Heroshot V2
    - 25000 coins
    - 11 tokens
    Level 11Regular15,00095,000-110,000- 1 token
    Level 12Regular16,000110,000-126,000- 1 token
    Level 13Regular17,000126,000-143,000- 1 token
    Level 14Regular18,000143,000-161,000- 1 token
    Level 15Regular19,000161,000-180,000- 1 token
    Level 16Regular20,000180,000-200,000- 1 token
    Level 17Regular21,000200,000-221,000- 1 token
    Level 18Regular22,000221,000-243,000- 1 token
    Level 19Regular23,000243,000-266,000- 1 token
    Level 20Regular24,000266,000-290,000- Heroshot V1
    - 25000 coins
    - 11 tokens
    Level 21Regular25,000290,000-315,000- 1 token
    Level 22Regular25,000315,000-340,000- 1 token
    Level 23Regular25,000340,000-365,000- 1 token
    Level 24Regular25,000365,000-390,000- 1 token
    Level 25Regular25,000390,000-415,000- 1 token
    Level 26Regular25,000415,000-440,000- 1 token
    Level 27Expert25,000440,000-465,000- 1 token
    Level 28Expert25,000465,000-490,000- 1 token
    Level 29Expert25,000490,000-515,000- 1 token
    Level 30Expert25,000515,000-540,000- Octoshot Replica
    - 50000 coins
    - 11 tokens
    Level 31Expert25,000540,000-565,000- 1 token
    Level 32Expert25,000565,000-590,000- 1 token
    Level 33Expert25,000590,000-615,000- 1 token
    Level 34Expert25,000615,000-640,000- 1 token
    Level 35Expert25,000640,000-665,000- 1 token
    Level 36Expert25,000665,000-690,000- 1 token
    Level 37Expert25,000690,000-715,000- 1 token
    Level 38Expert25,000715,000-740,000- 1 token
    Level 39Expert25,000740,000-765,000- 1 token
    Level 40Expert25,000765,000-790,000- Hero Roller Replica
    - 1 token
    Level 41Legend25,000790,000-815,000- 1 token
    Level 42Legend25,000815,000-840,000- 1 token
    Level 43Legend25,000840,000-865,000- 1 token
    Level 44Legend25,000865,000-890,000- 1 token
    Level 45Legend25,000890,000-915,000- 1 token
    Level 46Legend25,000915,000-940,000- 1 token
    Level 47Legend25,000940,000-965,000- 1 token
    Level 48Legend25,000965,000-990,000- 1 token
    Level 49Legend25,000990,000-1,015,000- 1 token
    Level 50Legend25,0001,015,000-1,040,000- Hero Charger Replica
    - "True Legend" achievement
    - 1 token
    Lv50, 99.9%LegendMax Level1,040,000+- Player Satisfaction


    PaintFests are a roughly-once-per-month festival type of event. Each PaintFest, a "topic" is picked where players can decide to pick between 2 different teams. Once on a team, you can't change it, and you must fight for your team's victory. During PaintFests, the amount of experience you can get from matches (not including Private Matches) is increased by 50%.

    The winning team is decided by the sum of each player's PaintFest level on that team. Whichever team has more total PaintFest levels wins. Levelling up your PaintFest level offers rewards that are listed below.

    PaintFest Levels

    PaintFest levels work the same as normal levels, however they can only be earned in PaintFest matches, and not Private Battles. During PaintFests, you get 150% more exp (does not apply to Private Battles) to both normal and PaintFest levels.

    LevelExp To Next LevelTotal ExpLevel Rewards
    Level 15,0000-5,000Start level.
    Level 210,0005,000-15,000- 1 token
    - 5,000 coins
    - 1 Surprise Crate
    Level 330,00015,000-45,000- 3 tokens
    - 5,000 coins
    - 1 Gold Rush Crate
    Level 440,00045,000-85,000- 3 tokens
    - 10,000 coins
    - Honey Splattershot Pro
    - 1 Helmet Crate
    Level 550,00085,000-135,000- 3 tokens
    - 20,000 coins
    - 1 Combat Crate
    - 1 Chestplate Crate
    Level 660,000135,000-195,000- 3 tokens
    - 20,000 coins
    - 1 Boots Crate
    Level 7100,000195,000-295,000- 5 tokens
    - 30,000 coins
    - 1 Combat Crate
    MAX Level-295,000+- 5 tokens
    - 30,000 coins
    - Pumpkin Slosher
    - 1 Defense Crate

    Past PaintFests

    Team Squid
    Team Octopus
    22 players
    34 players
    697,203 exp
    1,112,117 exp
    47 PF Levels
    68 PF Levels
    May 1st
    May 2nd
    Team Florian
    Team Sky
    19 players
    18 players
    272,655 exp
    846,606 exp
    37 PF Levels
    53 PF Levels
    May 28th
    May 30th
    Team Mars
    Team Earth
    64 players
    89 players
    4,206,139 exp
    2,394,569 exp
    181 PF Levels
    198 PF Levels
    June 18th
    June 20th
    Team Rollers
    Team Chargers
    25 players
    17 players
    847,854 exp
    1,825,965 exp
    61 PF Levels
    63 PF Levels
    July 30th
    August 2nd
    Team Humans
    Team Robots
    25 players
    20 players
    846,482 exp
    163,775 exp
    57 PF Levels
    27 PF Levels
    August 20th
    August 23rd
    Team Ghosts
    Team Skeletons
    18 players
    23 players
    1,707,090 exp
    379,443 exp
    47 PF Levels
    39 PF Levels
    October 29th
    November 1st
    Team Showman
    Team Polar Bear
    16 players
    8 players
    108,815 exp
    757,109 exp
    21 PF Levels
    24 PF Levels
    December 31st
    January 2nd

    Golden Clams

    Golden Clams ("GCs") are collectables found in every match during an event. Up to 5 Golden Clams can spawn anywhere on the stage in a match and can be picked up by any human player (you can see how many Golden Clams exist at the start of the match). Upon returning to the lobby, you can deposit your Clams in exchange for rewards in the form of coins, tokens, weapons, and more. For the duration of the Halloween Event, here are the rewards:

    LevelClams NeededRewards
    Level 110 Clams- 5,000 coins
    - 3 tokens
    Level 225 Clams- 10,000 coins
    - 6 tokens
    Level 345 Clams- Pumpkin Slosher
    - 15,000 coins
    Level 475 Clams- Pet Bat
    - 20,000 coins
    - 3 tokens
    Level 5115 Clams- Pet Flying Pumpkin
    - 30,000 coins
    - 5 tokens
    Level 6165 Clams- 100,000 coins
    - 20 tokens
    Level 7240 Clams- Candy Splattershot
    - 50,000 coins
    - 10 tokens


    Pets are a new edition to PaintSquad that serve as a booster item. Pets can be bought from the Pet Shop in the lobby and boost the amount of experience and coins from battles, depending on your pets level. You can also give your pet a nickname (so long as it doesn't break the rules), that will be shown in the lobby next to its level.

    Bee- 30,000 coins
    - 3 tokens
    - Level 10
    Fox- 40,000 coins
    - 6 tokens
    - Level 10
    Blob- 50,000 coins
    - 9 tokens
    - Level 10
    Smallfry- 9 tokens
    - Level 15
    Furret- 10 tokens
    - Level 10
    - Premium Rank
    Shiny Furret- 15 tokens
    - Level 15
    - Premium Rank
    Retro Furret- 20 tokens
    - Level 20
    - Premium Rank
    Arctic Fox- 5 tokens
    - Level 10
    - Premium Rank
    Flying Pumpkin- 115 Golden Clams
    Bat- 75 Golden Clams

    Pets take 5% of experience you gain from matches (not including experience from pet bonuses) to level itself up. The higher level your pet is, the more experience and coins you get from battles (both Public and Private). You can only have one pet active at a time, meaning you can't combine boosters.

    LevelExp NeededActual ExpTotal ExpBoost
    Level 11002,0000-100+0%
    Level 22004,000100-300+1%
    Level 33006,000300-600+2%
    Level 44008,000600-1,000+3%
    Level 560012,0001,000-1,600+4%
    Level 680016,0001,600-2,400+5%
    Level 71,00020,0002,400-3,400+6%
    Level 81,20024,0003,400-4,600+7%
    Level 91,40028,0004,600-6,000+8%
    Level 101,80036,0006,000-7,800+9%
    Level 112,00040,0007,800-9,800+10%
    Level 122,20044,0009,800-12,000+11%
    Level 132,40048,00012,000-14,400+12%
    Level 142,60052,00014,400-17,000+13%
    Level 152,80056,00017,000-19,800+14%
    Level 163,00060,00019,800-22,800+15%
    Level 173,20064,00022,800-26,000+16%
    Level 183,40068,00026,000-29,400+17%
    Level 193,60072,00029,400-33,000+18%
    Level 203,80076,00033,000-36,800+19%
    Level 21MAXMAX36,800+20%

    Ink Tanks

    As of, you can get special ink tanks that look sliiightly different from your usual Ink Tank. They don't provide any bonuses to ink consumption or recovery, they are only for looks. You can purchase Ink Tanks from the Gadget NPC in the Weapon Shop, and equip your skins in the character editor by using /settings.

    Ink Tank Classic- 50,000 coins
    - 5 tokens
    Hero Ink Tank- Free for Premium Users
    Cyber Ink Tank- Free for Premium Users
    Ink Tank Octo- 88,888 Coins
    - 8 Tokens

    Daily Missions

    Daily Missions were added in and serve as a way to get extra experience, coins, and tokens by coming back every day and completing tasks. Every day at 12:00am (00:00) CEST, the Daily Missions reset. You are given 3 every day, in ranging difficulties. Higher difficulties give higher rewards. The missions, difficulties, and rewards are picked randomly, and cannot be rerolled (until the day ends). After completing all of the Daily Missions, you can claim a "final reward", and must wait for the next day to do missions again.


    DifficultyAmount Needed
    Easy10,000p or 15,000p
    Normal20,000p or 25,000p
    Hard30,000p or 40,000p

    Win Matches

    DifficultyAmount Needed
    Easy3 wins
    Normal5 wins or 7 wins
    Hard7 wins or 10 wins

    Play Matches

    DifficultyAmount Needed
    Easy5 matches or 7 matches
    Normal10 matches or 13 matches
    Hard15 matches or 20 matches

    Get Knockouts

    DifficultyAmount Needed
    Easy1 KO or 2 KOs
    Normal3 KOs or 4 KOs
    Hard5 KOs or 6 KOs

    Splat Enemies

    DifficultyAmount Needed
    Easy5, 7, or 10 kills
    Normal15, 20, or 25 kills
    Hard30, 40, or 50 kills


    DifficultyPossible Rewards
    Easy- 5,000 or 7,500 coins
    - 1 token
    - 2,000 or 4,000 exp
    Normal- 10,000 or 12,500 coins
    - 2 tokens
    - 6,000 or 8,000 exp
    Hard- 15,000 to 20,000 coins
    - 3 to 5 tokens
    - 12,000 or 16,000 exp

    Gear Ordering

    After every match you play (that includes human players), those players then appear in your lobby as NPCs (up to 50). You are able to then Right Click on the player to view their gear, report them, or look at their stats.

    When viewing a player you recently played with, you can order their gear using the Diamond Block buttons. Upon ordering a piece of gear, it'll be put into your queue which you can view at the Mystery Chest. Depending on how many ongoing orders you have, it'll take 4-12 hours for your gear to arrive.

    No Gear Pieces in Queue4 hours of waiting until gear arrives
    One Gear Piece in Queue8 hours of waiting until gear arrives
    Two Gear Pieces in Queue12 hours of waiting until gear arrives

    Upon receiving your gear, you can purchase it at the Mystery Chest. The cost of which will be equal to its shop price (what the original player bought it for). The perks of the gear you ordered have a chance of matching the original piece, or being blank (meaning you need to re-level up the gear).

    Main PerkGuaranteed.
    + 1 Sub Slot50% chance
    + 2 Sub Slots25% chance
    All Matching Slots12.5% chance


    A list of the obtainable achievements in game, and how to get them. Achievements cannot be obtained in Private battles, only in Public Matches or PaintFest Matches.

    RevengeSplat an enemy after getting splatted
    First BloodBe the first to splat an enemy
    Boom!Splat 2 or more enemies with one bomb
    Octo-Triumph!Win a match as an octoling
    *Octoling Form is unlocked at 88,888 points
    FlattenedSplat a player by rolling over them
    *Must be a human player
    TappedSplat a player with a charger without a fully charged shot
    Favorite ServerVote for Xenyria
    KillerGet 15 splats in one match
    Knockout!Win a match by knockout
    Turf MachineInk 1500p in one Turf War match
    Close CallWin a Turf War match by 1%
    How dare youSplat a member of the Xenyria server staff
    Too slow!Get splatted by the Rainmaker explosion after the time runs out
    BlastSplat 3 players with one Rainmaker shot
    Shield PopperSplat a player with the Rainmaker shield
    *Must be a human player
    Bone CrusherSplat an enemy with the Eightball
    Wet FloorGet splatted by falling in the water
    True LegendReach Level 50
    PaintSquad VeteranWin 100 matches
    All I do is winWin 1000 matches
    MillionaireInk 1,000,000 lifetime points
    TurfinatorInk 100,000 lifetime points
    Time for new weaponsBuy a new weapon
    Time for new hatsBuy a new helmet
    Time for new shirtsBuy a new chestplate
    Time for new shoesBuy a new pair of shoes
    Weapons expertSplat 100 players with one weapon
    MerchantPerform a trade with another player (using /trade)
    Fear the unexpectedSplat a player with a sprinkler
    Sphere DestroyerDestroy a players baller
    No need for a headacheSplat a player in an inkjet
    Booo!Splat a player while they're using a booyah bomb
    ColorfulPlay Turf War
    Take ControlPlay Tower Control
    They see me rollin'Play Eightball
    Make it rain!Play Rainmaker
    Let's conquerPlay Conquest
    Heads will rollPlay Deathmatch
    Take the zonesPlay Splat Zones
    Fair PlayType "gg" into chat
    VandalismDestroy a barrier in Eightball
    Surprise!Open a crate
    AssistantRack up 100 assists
    Flying TerrorSplat 3 players in one inkjet use
    Regular playerPlay PaintSquad for 20 hours
    SuperjumpSuperjump to a player or spawn using the firework item
    Treasure seekerBuy a rare piece of gear
    Surprise from aboveSplat a player with Tenta Missiles
    SMASH!Splat a player with a Splashdown
    *Must be a human player


    Leaderboard directly from the top 10 room in-game, sorted by total points inked. I'll attempt to update this as much as possible, just so you don't have to join whenever you want to see the leaderboard. Also includes information like total experience, average points per match, kill/death ratio, and winrate.

    Last Updated: January 4th - 20:16 UTC+2

    RankPlayerLevelTurf InkedKills / Assists / DeathsWins - Losses
    Level 167
    Avg 1458.6p
    34,072K / 5,844A / 7,611D
    4.477 K/D
    2,276W - 345L
    86.8% WR
    Level 109
    Avg 1028.7p
    6,955K / 1,638A / 3,784D
    1.838 K/D
    1,015W - 266L
    79.2% WR
    3rdOdinSchnalle715Level 83
    Avg 1144.5p
    3,911K / 615A / 2,116D
    1.848 K/D
    705W - 229L
    75.5% WR
    Level 104
    Avg 928.0p
    7,079K / 1,546A / 2,150D
    3.293 K/D
    988W - 73L
    92.9% WR
    5thZwei_VerraterLevel 79
    Avg 1026.8p
    5,152K / 1,018A / 2,313D
    2.227 K/D
    555W - 207L
    72.8% WR
    Level 65
    Avg 1152.8p
    2,708K / 456A / 1,349D
    2.007 K/D
    502W - 147L
    77.3% WR
    7thAlex2216Level 72
    Avg 965.6p
    4,703K / 676A / 1,342D
    3.504 K/D
    605W - 83L
    87.9% WR
    Level 68
    Avg 987.7p
    4,359K / 768A / 2,144D
    2.033 K/D
    508W - 132L
    78.9% WR
    Felix_SchrieverLevel 68
    Avg 765.8p
    2,089K / 420A / 1,337D
    1.562 K/D
    559W - 99L
    85.0% WR
    Level 39
    Avg 929.9p
    1,919K / 446A / 1,371D
    1.400 K/D
    281W - 167L
    62.7% WR

    *Levels are displayed as if the 50-level cap was increased. Anyone above 50 will be shown as 50 in game, until 2.0.

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