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    Why do you think this proposal should be implemented
    clam blitz is a gamemode that is in the actual game, as well as it being pretty cool and unique

    Would it be possible to implement clam blitz into paintsquad? we have all the other modes, and although it may be difficult, it is a mode currently in splatoon. I understand it may not be possible due to clams spawning pseudo-randomly, but it would be pretty cool!

  • Hi TigerYaisou,

    we're currently not working on Clam Blitz. It might be finished in the next versions of PaintSquad but there is no ETA for Clam-Blitz yet.

    Best regards

    _Trasher | Head of Development

  • f or some reason your discord invite isn't working but, can you add a new dapple dualies for 2.0 I am kinda dapple dualies main, so seeing a new type would be great I even fought of a new brand cauld "Perma where the colours are lime green and white, and the kit would be auto bomb and splashdown, not just for the dulies either maybe a new shooter splatter shot perma. also when is 2.1 coming out

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