Getting Started

In order to play on our minecraft server you'll need a Minecraft Java-Edition Premium Account (Cracked Accounts are not supported) - You will also need to have the same version of Minecraft installed that our server runs on. In this case you can join using the version 1.19.2. Please note that Bedrock clients (Phone & consoles) are not supported due to missing support for certain features that are required.

Step 1 - Open Minecraft

Once you get to the title screen, click on "Multiplayer"


Step 2 - Add our server to your server list

Click the "Add Server" button at the bottom right corner of the screen.


Step 3 - Enter server details

Enter the IP address "" into the Server Address field.

Set "Server Resource Packs" to either Prompt or Enabled.
You can freely choose the server name. (Field "Server Name")


Step 4 - Join the server

After clicking "Done" you should be back at the server list. You can now join by double-clicking our server in your server list.


Step 5 - Have fun!

You should now be able to play on the Xenyria Minecraft Server. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask our server staff on the forums or discord server.